Friday, 8 Dec, 2023
Guyana - May 2010 - HIMTC - Crusade report

HIMTC students and staff were involved in five crusades for 2010. They were held at the following locations:

Stewartville, West Coast Demerara

Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice

Wisroc Park, Linden

No. 58 Miles, Mabura Road

Mahdia, Potaro, Essequibo


The Team was led by Jonathan Banwarie and included staff members Commie Spellen and Glendon James. Students who participated were Ryan Gupta, Rafael Subryan, Wanda Warde, Nickela Arthur, Kelvin Daley, Compton Burnette and Kissoondyal Roopchand.


Commie Spellen and Wanda Warde also did some meetings at Black Bush Polder during the Easter Break.


58 Miles: January 29th-31st (5 team members)

The revival meetings at 58 Miles were very timely and powerful. The people of 58 Miles were hungry for God. In the meetings over 10 backsliders re-dedicated their lives to Christ. There was a great need for deliverance so a special day was set aside for praying with those oppressed by evil spirits. Many demons were cast out. One young lady came into the meetings totally possessed and under the control of demons. After prayer she was completely set free. Many other persons were delivered from the power of the devil. The report is that these people are continuing strongly in the Lord.


Stewartville: February 12th-14th (6 team members)

The crusade at Stewartville was very effective. There were three nights of challenging but wonderful meetings.

The Pastor reported that over 10 persons had accepted Jesus as their Lord. It has been many, many years since this village had a Gospel Crusade.


Cotton Tree (West Berbice): February 19th-21st (2 team members)

There were three nights of crusades in West Berbice. The community is made up of predominantly Hindus.

The Lord showed up and over 15 persons gave their lives to Christ. Many people were healed and set free from demons. There was a man that was bound by the power of alcoholism and drugs. The power of the Lord came upon him and he fell down on the ground. The Lord delivered him right there and then. The demons were cast out of him. The church was strengthened and revived.


Wisroc, Linden: February 26th-28th (6 team members)

There were three nights of meetings in Linden. The believers were liberated, revived, encouraged and strengthened to go on with the Lord. The presence of the Lord was so rich that the people didn’t want to go home, they were so excited. The meeting started at 6:30pm and they were still praising God after 11:00pm.


Mahdia: March 26th-28th (5 team members)

The meetings at Mahdia were powerful as the community was impacted with the Gospel. There was a March for Jesus around the entire community. The church members came out in numbers, they marched around the whole area praying, singing and declaring that Jesus is Lord.


In the evening there was a powerful service, the building was packed out. The Holy Spirit took over that service completely. Many persons opened their lives to the Holy Spirit. Demons were cast out and people were healed. There was such a mighty presence of God present that the people were liberated in dancing and shouting. The church was revived and ready to take Mahdia for Jesus. Thank you Lord!


Many more crusades are planned for this term. Also a group of students will be going on a mission trip to the Island of Tobago for a time of Ministry during July/August.


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