Thursday, 13 Jun, 2024
How it all began – International Christian Leadership Connections

Founded by Philip Mohabir, ICLC (International Christian Leadership Connections) a network of relationships and ministries bonded together to mutually care, co-operate and co-ordinate efforts to advance Kingdom concerns. ICLC is definitely not an attempt to establish a world wider denomination with foreign headquarters and is not an exercise in empire building. ICLC is administered in such a way as not to infringe on the local and national autonomy of those persons and works associated with it, but will serve to facilitate them and fulfil their objectives.


ICLC sets out to foster a sense of belonging to a family and to mobilize its resources in ministry, manpower, skills and finances to promote and support one another in the particular sphere of work in the holistic advancement of the Kingdom of God.

  1. By co-ordinating its efforts and activities so as to encourage co-operation and corporeity, and to facilitate effective communication between all workers.
  2. To promote, create and organize for the further development of its leaders and workers, the following things:
  • Events – i.e. conferences, consultations, seminars and retreats
  • Educational courses
  • Visits to help and build ministries
  • To provide materials and equipment

      3.    To provide help in the form of:

  • Relief – for workers in times of crises and need
  • Missions – new pioneering ventures
  • Sponsorships – for workers children, to facilitate their educational well-being

Vision and Values:

There are a common set of ICLC Vision and Values  and an International Leadership team representing many countries who lead the various area of the world and each area and country are autonomous while working together in love and unity for the benefit of the Kingdom of God