Wednesday, 24 Jul, 2024
Hands of Jesus - Workbook

Title : Hands of Jesus - Workbook

ISBN : 87-90981-13-8

Pages 115, soft back

Price £6.00 (UK) + pp

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This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the book ‘Hands of Jesus’, taking people through the book at a basic level, step by step asking questions at each stage. It has the aim of allowing us to check our understanding of the key parts of the book and thus enabling people to move towards maturity.

As the book, Hands of Jesus, deals with the five-fold ministries a number of church pastors have used it to take elders and other leaders through these important God given gifts. It is however a book that requires people to answer questions by referring to the book, Hands of Jesus, and then writing down the answers.

It is well used in overseas ministries.