Tuesday, 23 Jul, 2024
Partners - ICLC

International Christian Leadership Connections (ICLC)

ICLC is an international apostolic network of churches and individuals under the leadership of an international apostolic company. Each person in the company represents a sphere of churches incorporating national and international dimensions. ICLC exists in order to further impart, envision, empower, train, and facilitate the preaching of the gospel and the establishing of churches and schools through the world. It desires to raise up functioning apostolic teams in every nation and in every region of those nations. This is done through the locally autonomous churches in covenant with one another and with the Apostolic Company.

ICLC does not see itself as an organization to join. Rather it is comprised of men and women in the church of Jesus Christ who have been strategically placed together by the Holy Spirit.

Deep covenant relationship is the characteristic and essence of who we are. Deep covenant is developed because God destines it and because we are willing to follow Him and mature such a relationship of trust. Because ICLC is strong on covenant relationship and trust, there are differing levels of involvement. For more details on how you can relate to ICLC, contact Lovel Bent or Tony Horswood at

Vision and Values
In addition to the basic tenants of the Christian faith, we hold the following as core values:

Covenant Relationships
Our desire is to establish a fellowship of deeply committed relationships, that are bonded together in one heart, to see the nations reached for Christ. It is not our desire to exert apostolic authority but to tenderly care as a mother cares for her children.

Ministry Gifts
When it comes to ministry gifts, we believe that the people who fill the office, no less than the office itself, are a divine gift.

Plurality of Leadership
Kingdom government consists of a plurality of leadership. There is a recognized 'senior' role in any leadership team.

We believe in opening new territories, breaking up new ground, taking the next mountain, and seeing that others are capable of the same. Our thrust should be forward looking, not just dealing with problems.

Serving Others
The present members of the apostolic company recognize and each new member of the team must recognize, that our task is one of service to the Lord and the body of Christ. We desire to give our live to Christ and His followers so that the Bride might make herself ready (1 Thessalonians 2; Revelation 19). 

Kingdom Social Action
We recognize the importance of our Kingdom Agenda and of this being expressed though the church in response to the needs of the community.

Corporate Unity
God and His kingdom are larger than any of our spheres of influence, and He desires for these spheres to be linked together in a living and dynamic manner to more effectively carry out the Great Commission. He is uniting our hearts, lives, ministries, personnel, and resources to coordinate us into maximum effectiveness.