Thursday, 13 Jun, 2024
Where we do it - Uganda

Our links with Uganda go back many years with visits from Emmanuel Sunday and his wife Florence.

In Uganda there are 15 churches, four schools, one of which has boarding for 40 children. For more details click here.

We are able to support pastors, children and teachers.

The medical team, under John Sloan, visit Uganda and have also set up links with doctors there so that medical care can be ongoing.

One church, Sheppey Community Church, has built a very strong link with Emmanuel and not only support very strongly but have mission there and are heavily involved in the work. They provide much support for the children and teachers. They have worked with children in the slum areas, they have provided material help including text books for the schools, provided a water tank and helped in building programmes. On top of this they provide a meal for around 1000 children each Christmas.

Uganda is a needy area.