Thursday, 13 Jun, 2024
Where we do it - Brazil

The work that we support in Brazil is based in Boa Vista under the leadership of Awan Chatterpal.

The work, which is among Amer-Indian tribes, has a very interesting background. Many years ago a tribe had a direct visitation so that they were told about the gospel and while not speaking English they became know as the Hallelujah people as this was one of the words they constantly said.

Some 10 years ago the King of the tribe came out of his area and met our founder Philip Mohabir. He asked for help saying that while they knew part of the gospel they thought they might have polluted some of it with their native religion and they wanted to learn more.

Awan took up this challenge and now there are some 100 village churches and a centre for training has been built in Boa Vista. This is great story of front line evangelism