Friday, 8 Dec, 2023
Associated Ministries – Social Action

Homeless Work

'I Care' Homeless Project, an initiative of Christian Victory Group, provides a practical need to the homeless of our society. Every Sunday, in Central London, basic provisions such as food, clothing, blankets and toiletries are distributed to over 100 people and approximately 200 hot meals are served. For many, this is the only proper meal they will receive for the week.

The Homeless Project started in 1991 and has expanded not only to meet the basic needs of those they help each week, but also to offer friendship, counselling and advice.

With over 10 years experience of working with the homeless,
Christian Victory Group have learnt the importance of relating to the many men and women, boys and girls who live on the streets of London. They recognise that it is necessary to accept these people as individuals who need support and assistance, by understanding that, for many, their needs go beyond just basic provisions.

Christian Victory Group also provide a referral advice service to the homeless who require information about accommodation, welfare benefits, immigration, employment, health, etc.

Feeding Programme

Marica Da Costa runs a church in Waterloo for the homeless and this includes a feeding programme.
If you would like to help please contact the Connections Office.