Thursday, 13 Jun, 2024
Our Values

1)    The Values of Connections

  • Our life together flows out of embracing the “Cross Principle” denying ones self, taking up ones Cross and following Jesus.
  • We are unworthy of such saving love.
  • God’s love never gives up on people, so neither will we.
  • We relate with one another out of a willingness to serve, even if it is of no benefit to ourselves.

 2)    Our Ethos and Pattern of Building

  • We seek the active and manifest work of the Holy Spirit in our meetings.
  • We seek to get away from colour, class and cultural barriers.
  • Our identity as Sons of God comes from Jesus, in His Kingdom.
  • In our worship we seek to be inspired, directed, created by the Holy Spirit.
  • We seek true freedom in the Spirit avoiding Legalism and License.
  • We seek to build Committed Relationships.
  • We practice Team Ministry on the basis of the Five Fold Ministries.
  • We expect to give and receive true governmental authority, to oversee, to offer change, and direction in the church affairs.
  • We practice submission to those in authority over us, seeking to hear God together and obeying Him.
  • We believe in Anointed Leaders leading with a team working together.
  • We seek unity of heart and spirit, not democracy.
  • We recognise a Leader within the plurality of an Eldership.
  • We have a Kingdom vision which goes beyond the borders of the local church.
  • We seek to resource and facilitate the Body of Christ.
  • We seek to bring Good News to the poor and to care for them.
  • Our vision and desire is to reach the Nations with the Gospel. 

3)    Compassion:  We care for the abandoned and discarded ones; to strengthen the weak and lift the fallen.

4)    Leadership:  Leadership should flow from godly character and a servant heart.

  • Leadership will be by example and persuasion not by dictation.  

5)   Training:  We see this as apprenticeship, wherever possible rather than just teaching and information.  

6)   Our aim is to be inclusive not exclusive, having a teachable spirit with a heart to accommodate and serve people who are different from us, denominational barriers.