Thursday, 13 Jun, 2024
How it all began – Connections

The Birth of Connections

During 1989 Philip Mohabir (our founder) began to see the need for a Connections ministry. Philip was working with ‘Teamwork’ and now in London they released him to follow other visions and so Philip started Connections which had the original aims of:
1. Pioneering Churches
2. Training
3. Overseas work

In 1990, we begin to see the vision develop and further take shape with a particular focus:
1. To break down barriers between races, cultures and churches that the world may see that we are one.
2. To help each other in building the local church by providing helps, resource, encouragement and ministry.
3. To build relationships and cultivate a sense of belonging.

It was during this time as Philip began to work with some churches that the need for a forum for black and white leaders to meet with each other became a priority.

In response to this, the first tentative meetings were held in Brixton and those who shared such a vision began to meet together and find each other in Jesus.

Social Action also began about this time under the leadership of Muriel Mohabir (see picture), working to help those in need within the community.

Even today there is still the same need to break down the barriers between denominations and races, training for leaders, pioneer evangelism and social action.

Philip was also working with an organisation called Supplyline who were primarily providing aid overseas. The overseas work of Connections began to grow in 1981 as Supplyline were unable to sustain all their overseas work and so a new charity was formed called International Connections which continued and grew. This overseas work is now amalgamated into Connections Trust and it continues to grow providing support for people in a number of countries.