Wednesday, 24 Jul, 2024
Where we do it - Malawi

Malawi is one of the poorer countries in Africa and it often suffers famine.

It was from one of the famines that our link and help to Malawi started by supplying food to a village through a pastor.

Then seed was provided for the next planting and a maize mill was built so that the village had food.

We have managed to provide fund for two wells 

The local authorities were so impressed that land was given for a school and a children’s home.

Here is the latest:
We have been working with them to build a home for 100 children. At the present we have 2 dormitories and a nearly finished kitchen/dining area. The next stages are toilets/washrooms, sink a well and then build a security wall.

They are doing what they can from the village churches to feed appx 100 of the neediest children, often left with grandparents of extended family. In that area there are over 200 very needy children.

Also in Blantyre they are reaching out to children.