Wednesday, 24 Jul, 2024
Where we do it - Guyana

Guyana is where the whole work started and for some time was officially the poorest country in the world.

The work in Guyana under Full Gospel Fellowship has around 160 churches spread throughout the country.

We have helped in building churches, we sponsor pastors and workers. There is a bible school based in a village called Hauraruni and we support students and staff. We are also able to support these students when they graduate and some start new works.

In Hauraruni there is a school and we support the teachers in the school.

We support a children’s home for girls in Hauraruni.

Guyana is also the key area for the Overseas Missionary Training Programme which is written for local pastor to be able to run the training programme and receive a fee for doing so while students qualify and know more about the work of God.

Some churches send barrels to Guyana containing clothes, books, toiletries and other practical items that can be distributed among the poor.

People do visit for short term missions fairly often and occasionally there is a longer stay to say help in the children’s home.

Guyana is also a venue for the medical team who visit and treat people with medicine and introduce people to the gospel.

Over the years many building projects have taken place.

Currently there is a major project in Inseard Valley beyond the rain forest and towards Brazil. Here there is a programme of planting fruit trees to both stabilize the soil and to provide employment and income for the local Amer-Indian people. The project also involves people who have been on drugs and takes them to the area to work, as part of the rehabilitation project. This project is through Willowdene Farm a Christian drug rehabilitation centre in the UK.