Friday, 29 Sep, 2023
Associated Ministries – Social Action


Dayspring is a growing ministry led by Joy and Sidney Roye. It consists of the Christian Family Network which is a Ministry to Families and Ihshah Arise, a ministry to Women Overseas.

CHRISTIAN FAMILY NETWORK is an outreach to families providing personal ministry and support to help build strong families and good loving relationships through

  • Teaching of Biblical Principles for Living
  • Counselling
  • Intercession

Christian Family Network addresses the issues of family stability and relationships in the 21st century, applying the Scriptures in a relevant way to bring about healing, restoration, reconciliation and to provide support to victims of crime and injustice and individuals experiencing the consequences of marital breakdown.

IHSHAH ARISE is a Ministry to Women Overseas which aims to assist women to unlock their potential and contribute to the effectiveness of the Christian Church to achieve its purpose. The ministry

  • Facilitates Women's Conferences overseas
  • Creates opportunity through vocational training and education to help single mothers find ways of living more resourcefully to provide for themselves, their families and their communities.  

If you would like to receive help from DaySpring Ministries, or if you would like to become a partner, send an e-mail to