Saturday, 20 Apr, 2024
How we can help

Connections has always believed that no one person has every gift and at the same time has a strong belief that Christians should come together and act as one body sharing our gifts and abilities for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Connections, has therefore, drawn together people with specific gifts who are prepared to offer that gift to others right across the Body of Christ.

Here are some examples of people who offer their gifts. If your church has a need, Connections will try to find someone who may be able to help you.


Their gifting

Lovel Bent

Lovel is an apostle having taken the mantle from Philip Mohabir. Having founded and built a number of churches he is a genuine father. He mentors a number of leaders, is a key conference speaker and travels to many countries.

Ray Booth

Ray was formerly Pastor at ‘The Coign’, one of Surrey’s largest churches but now lives in Sheffield. He is known as a church ‘doctor’ and is called on by many to help in difficult situations. A network in Denmark, look to him as their father. This is also true of a church in France. He has a strong pastoral gifting.

Ian Christensen           

Ian is the senior pastor at New Life Christian Centre, Wembley. He is one of the few people who have really built a church on prayer. He has planted churches and is a key person on prayer, intercession and faith. He also has a bible school in Wembley.

Da Costa           

Marcia has a church called Love Fellowship; a church specifically ministering to, and feeding people who live on the streets. Marcia is a good teacher, an evangelist, and an expert on Child Protection issues. Marcia also runs several ministries - WIMAL Network - for women in ministry and leadership, as well as an intercessory ministry called Praying for Nations. Marcia has served on the board of ACEA.  She mentors a number of Christian young men and women. In addition, Marcia is an Independent Advisor to a statutory agency on community issues and as a consequence interacts with certain MP's on the issues in question.

Peter Game

Peter is our travelling minister. Peter heads a network in the Czech Republic and is recognised as a father in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Venezuela, Brazil and India. Prophetic by nature, Peter is an experienced missionary and teacher.

Les & Grace Hayward

Les and Grace have an amazing ministry in Ledbury where they frequently see miracle after miracle. They are totally sold out for God and have a great praying church.

John & Jenny Home

John and Jenny run Willowdene Farm, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in the West Midlands. It has been so successful that they have had to start their own church. John is heavily involved in an agro-forestry project beyond the rain forest in Guyana which will also help those who have come off drugs. It will provide a good deal of employment for the local Amer-Indians.

Tony Horswood

Tony understands and teaches on church leadership and team ministry. He also understands Trusts, Trust Deeds, Governance and Structure. He can teach on the five fold ministries. Tony has links to others dealing with children and elderly folks work. He is also the key link to our ministries overseas. He is director/ trustee of three companies/trusts.

Ade Omooba

Ade has been in full time ministry in the UK for over 21 years with a sincere heart for servant leadership. He is a co-founder of several organisations/groups, namely; the Christian Victory Group - ICARE Projects (CVG - I CARE) which has over 70 Social Action/Inclusion projects set up in last 17 years; Christian Concern for our Nation (CCFON), a UK Lobby/Campaign Group on Public Policy, and the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) addressing Christian Liberty Cases. He also serves as a Trustee of the Global Day of Prayer, London, a part of the Global Prayer Movement.

Yinka Oyekan

Yinka is a church planter. He heads up a network called Barnabus and could be thought to be an apostle although he prefers to be called a church planter and evangelist.

David Plum

David heads up OMTC (Overseas Missionary Training Centre), our distance learning bible school. This is used mainly by people abroad and helps leaders who cannot go to bible school.

Joy Roye

Joy runs a ministry called Nu Day Resourcing Ltd., a training and recruitment business with social aims, working with people to build capacity through life long learning and career development. Joy also runs Christian Family Network and, for instance, deals with fathers and children as well as many other family issues. In addition, Joy and Sidney Roye have a church based in Crystal Palace.

Jennifer Shields

Jennifer is a gifted worship leader who has taught Psalmody in the UK and abroad.

John & Myra Sloan

These two dedicated doctors head up the Medical Missions teams which see many saved as well as healed in Uganda, the Philippines and Guyana.

Kim Torp

Kim leads our network in Denmark. He is an inspirational preacher and leader.

Denis Wade

Denis leads Micah Ministries. Previously in the singing group "The Wades", he understands the music industry. He is much sought after for business and committees. His passion is building leaders.

Ken Whiteway

Ken is based in Middlesbrough. His main gifting is as a Pastor and father.

Jan Nicholson

Jan is the administrator at Connections and is very good at event organisation including publicity as she has BTEC in Graphic Design.