Thursday, 13 Jun, 2024
Where we do it - The Philippines

The work that we support in the Philippines is in the Island of Mindinao which is the poorest Island in the Philippines.

It is a fast growing work under the leadership of Bonifacio Sembran.

They have a bible school, a children’s home and 160 churches.

We support the bible school monthly. The children’s home also receives monthly support and we are also able to sponsor Pastors and students.

Apart from this regular giving a major building project is taking place. A massive building is being put up to take care of the orphanage, church and the bible school.  It is big enough to allow for growth.

The medical team pay regular visits  to the Philippines and see many saved and healed. Teams from the UK pay regular ministry visits There is so much evangelism taking place. Crusades are held and, at the end, they put up a building for a few hundred pounds and often one of the second year bible students is given the church to lead.

Visitors are always welcome.