Sunday, 21 Apr, 2024
East Coast - Guyana

The church under Apostle Jason Yorrick is celebrating and preparing for the 40th anniversary of the birth of the East Coast District church. The East Coast District is considered one of the strongest groups in the Guyana fellowship. Its foundation goes back before Elsworth Williams and Lennox Hall. These are great men of God who are pioneers of the East Coast churches. It was a pleasure spending time with them over four nights. They have the makings of what a great church ought to be.

• They have true worship, always a sign of God’s presence.

• Good leadership in place with men and women who have a clear sense of God’s calling on their lives.

• Growth according to 1 John 1. I saw old men who know the Lord, young men who are strong and ready to run with the vision and children who are being nourished and encouraged. In a nutshell, I witnessed the grace of God evident amongst them. It was a tremendous time of fellowship and visitation from God. I came away feeling a great sense of anticipation for the things yet to come.


It was also a privilege for me to visit West Demarara, crossing that treacherous floating bridge. I visited a little place called Potentia. Many years ago when I first visited the West Bank Demerara there was no church building.


There was nothing tangible. An old, broken-down tent, no microphones, no music, no worship, but we had one of the most successful crusades where many people were saved, one of my most successful missions to Guyana.


Today there is a thriving church affecting the whole community. It was a joy to see them all again. Guyana is one of the most beautiful places and there is a great sense of revival over it. Let us pray that there will be a great harvest.