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My name is Frank Ahlmann. I lead Wellspring Church Centre in Denmark, and we are part of Connections Denmark.


I met Dmitri Tsyboulkin for the first time on a mission trip to Belarus in 1993. At that time he was a new believer and a long friendship began.


As a young man of 20, he took over a vibrant church with very young people. There were not many who believed that this humble man could go the distance, but he did!


Later on he married Irina and started a family. They have shown great integrity and faithfulness through all the years. When others gave up and received a Green Card for the US, they stood firm in their calling.


We have visited their Living Faith church many times and have seen tremendous development. Every time we came back to Denmark, we rejoiced over what God had done, and still is doing in Living Faith Church, Belarus.


Dmitri and Irina have visited Denmark several times, their latest visit being this summer ’09; we have full confidence in them, and are proud of knowing them.


Frank Ahlmann


by Dmitri Tsyboulkin (Belarus)


My name is Dmitri (Dima) Tsyboulkin, I am pastor of Living Faith Church in Mogilev, Belarus (former Soviet Union Republic). You can find some official information about our country by accessing You can read about my city there too.

I got a phone call from my friend, Pastor Frank Ahlmann from Denmark. He told me about Connections and your gift offering to our church of 622. It was an unexpected donation for us, just in our time of need!

We, together with several churches in our city, were planning evangelism among young people and we needed to rent sound equipment for US$800 (to pay the rent). Suddenly I got a phone call from Pastor Frank while we were having our board meeting. He told me about you and your gift. Wow! Praise God! As

a result we had two days of evangelism.

The first day was a Christian concert and second day a meeting for invited youth from the concert. Thirty young people gave their lives to Jesus and came to the churches.

Thank you very much for your open hearts and your financial seed that helped us to spread the Gospel!

Dmitri (Dima) Tsyboulkin

Dmitri and Irina